Steam machine…

Over the past few weeks I’ve been quite dedicated with my painting and art to a point where people questioned if I was going through some happy or sad phase. Its nothing of the sort, I just awoke.

The reason for that is, I’m trying to explore the things I don’t like to do, such as environments, Industrial design and other really hard tedious stuff; by doing more and more, I aim to tone my skills to a level where I can do really awesome stuff in very short notice. +Add all this to my portfolio.

Yes, artists do get ‘artist block' now and then, but I've learnt to over come that. All you gotta do is, close your eyes imagine and then draw. Because when you're drawing new ideas will automatically come to you.

It will also help me to a point where I know what I really want to be, because right now, I’m between a Concept Artist, a Character Designer and a 3D Artist, and its not going to be easy trying to refine all those skills. But I’m going to try…No more lazying around and doing nothing anymore. I wasted time….

I’m the n3tninja

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